Special Achievements 2011

14th November 11

Brampton College was ranked 66th independent school in The Times A level School Results Table 2011, achieving 55% A*/A grades and 80.55% grades A*,A and B. Brampton has a consistent record of outstanding results at A level. In 2011 45...

Charity Committees 2011

11th November 11

Our students at Brampton are encouraged to organise events and raise money for their chosen charities. Students are organising fundraising events inside and outside of college. Our first event was a dress up day with staff and students dressing up...

Donmar Theatre Workshop

6th November 11

Sam Maynard, Education Officer at the Donmar Theatre, came to lead a practical drama workshop for all AS English Literature students on Friday 4th November. After a discussion about contemporary theatre and the Donmar Theatre space in particular, Sam introduced...

Drug Discovery Project

5th November 11

Dirt, Drugs and Dolly the Sheep For one week in June, AS students studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology all got together to expand their knowledge beyond the syllabus. They took part in a number of exciting activities including visiting the...

Art Students Visit the Tate Modern

3rd November 11

For the A2 Art Trip we went to see Gerhard Richer’s exhibition at The Tate Modern. We were fascinated as students to see an exhibition of such variety accomplished by one artist. The work he produced concerning the terrorist attacks...

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