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Students Vote for London Mayor

5th May 2016

Brampton Students have had their say!

All students, regardless of age, were invited to cast their votes for Mayor in a mock election. We were delighted with the turnout and will be interested to see if Brampton’s results mirror the real London election.
Turnout 143 (57%)

Winner Zac Goldsmith, Conservative Party, 38 votes

BERRY, Sian Rebecca – Green Party8
FURNESS, David – British National Party4
GALLOWAY, George – Respect (George Galloway)1
GOLDING, Paul – Britain First – Putting British people first1
GOLDSMITH, Zac – The Conservative Party Candidate39
HARRIS, Lee Eli – Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol34
KHAN, Sadiq Aman – Labour Party26
LOVE, Ankit – One Love Party5
PIDGEON, Caroline Valerie – London Liberal Democrats6
WALKER, Sophie – Women’s Equality Party7
WHITTLE, Peter Robin – UK Independence Party (UKIP)2
ZYLINSKI, Prince – Independent1

9 spoilt papers

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