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A Level Results Day
People in protective clothing burning bodies in India

PLEASE JOIN US NOW in raising £20,000 for the emergency ‘Oxygen for India’ appeal

29th April 21

PLEASE JOIN US NOW in raising £20,000 for the emergency ‘Oxygen for India’ appeal  India’s deadly Covid-19 second wave has devastated big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, but the pandemic has now firmly gripped many smaller cities, towns and villages where the destruction is largely under-reported....

sign on tree with message: girls should feel safe at school

The Immediate Need for Change within Society and Schools

12th April 21

The past month has been tumultuous to say the least. But rightly so; the activism and uproar sparked by the horrific death of Sarah Everard has brought the necessary conversation of women’s rights, safety and equality to the forefront again....

Sociology at Brampton

My thoughts on grade assessments

3rd April 21

Out of the crypts of the grey halls of Whitehall emerges a thin figured suited man, with an aroma of black coffee following him. He sits on his wooden desk clasping his ballpoint pen, whilst noting upon a string of...

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