A Level Results Day
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University Offers 2023

30th March 23

Testament to the dedication and determination of our Brampton College students, we are delighted to share that many are holding incredible offers from various prestigious universities. The maturity and motivation of the cohort has struck us as they have worked...

2 flags crossing over each other - an LGBT flag and the UAE flag

Being Queer in the UAE

29th March 23

It can be clearly stated that UAE is not well-known for its substantial human rights. Due to being under Sharia Law, there are many laws and conventions which are extremely different from the UK. Under the law, being LGBTQ+ in...

This is everyone's Fight sign

Black issues are not something to play Devil’s advocate with

29th March 23

Devil’s advocate (noun) — A person who expresses a controversial opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of opposing arguments. This definition states the two functions of playing devil’s advocate: to provoke and to test. In an...

Andrew Tate

The Alarming Impact of Andrew Tate in Schools

23rd March 23

In my mind, there are some people that will never deserve sympathy. I know it seems hypocritical, spending so much time advocating for universal love, kindness and respect, and then being so conditional in practice. So, to be more precise,...

3 College students stood behind a wall of graffiti

Geographers explore inner-city life

23rd March 23

A mix of A1 and AS students visited Stratford to support their A level Geography course. The trip gave insight into fieldwork methods whilst exploring the contrasting deprivation in the inner-city area. Students also visited the Olympic park to observe...

Protestors sharing their distate for the Willow project

Everything you should know about the Willow Project

22nd March 23

What is the Willow Project? The Willow Project is a proposed plan for oil production, for an oil company called ConocoPhillips where a 23 million-acre area of land in Alaska, the largest area of undisturbed land in the US, will...

student looking through a book with yellow highlighted sentences

“Brampton’s English Department blew me away”

15th March 23

Last year 75% of our students studying English Literature achieved a grade A*/A in – an incredible result! Michal Bassalian, one of our students who studied English Literature last year, tells us why she flourished in the subject. Studying English...

3 students with their arms and ski poles in the air

Making memories on the Brampton ski trip!

15th March 23

Santa Caterina, Italy – Ski Trip – February 2023  Skiing on the most beautiful mountains Italy has to offer. The 2023 trip to Santa Caterina will forever remain an extraordinary memory in the minds of everyone who went. As we...

Gentrification in progress tape

The Gentrification of Puerto Rico 

1st March 23

Puerto Rico has always been a part of my childhood. My grandma was born and raised there, with many stories to tell, and my mother would stay there every summer with her cousins. Anyone who has been to Puerto Rico...

students standing outside a hospital

Students from the Medical Forum visit the Urgent Care Ward!

1st March 23

Yesterday, students from our Medical Forum were invited to University College Hospital, London to visit the Urgent Care Ward and to see the back of an ambulance! The Medical Forum is part of our extensive Medical Programme and are run...

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