An astonishing 7 A*s for Ayano in her first year of English education!

Ayano Maeda joined Brampton last year from her school in Tokyo, for her first year in English education. Learning the subjects in her second language, was no mean feat, but she’s smashed it with 7A*s!

She explains:

Being an overseas student meant that that’s Brampton’s approach was a bit different. I was given so much help and guidance to help my limited vocabulary so that it didn’t affect my ability. On a broader level, I love the way they teach here. They covered the whole syllabus and then went back over it to ensure we understood it fully.

The class sizes are small and you develop strong relationships with your teacher so they can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses. I’m coming back to do my A levels – I love the College and I’ve made great friends, so it makes sense!”