Georgie Done

When I came to Brampton College, I was in a BBC grade position and hated my subjects, especially History. Coming to Brampton everything changed. The teachers here turned things around for me. They are so passionate and make the topics so interesting. I never experienced this elsewhere and I didn’t want to let them down. Usually you have a teacher that you’ll always remember, but all my teachers here are amazing. I wanted to make them proud.

I’m so overwhelmed right now. I’d heard all these success stories, but never thought it would be me – I’ve never been a top dog. I’m in shock! No way would I have achieved these results elsewhere. Brampton has given me more than a second chance. They’ve set me up for my future.


My daughter, Georgie, fell short on A level grades in Summer 2014. She started her resits at Brampton in Sept 2014. The informal interviews that Brampton conduct for each student set the scene – intensive one-to-ones to ensure that the programme of study was appropriate. Indeed what was agreed was quite different to what Georgie had insisted that she was going to study. A really challenging programme was genuinely agreed by all – redo art, which she had dropped at AS (she had done well at GCSE, predicted ‘D’ by her previous school at AS, but was inspired by Hannah, Brampton’s Head of Art), English Lit (she had obtained a ‘C’, learnt to loathe it, but was won over on the day by Martyn and Mike), and resit History (a subject she enjoyed).

She obtained A,A*, and A , respectively, this year (2015). I remain somewhat mystified how Brampton managed to get it right for Georgie and bring out from this one student, so downbeat in Sept 2014 given her previous poor performance, such high academic standards on all subjects by August 2015 . Georgie frequently commented on the mentoring, one-to-one guidance and personal understanding by teachers throughout the year, together with pastoral support particularly as the deadlines approached. I cannot resist commenting that the derivation of the word ‘education’ is all about drawing out of the person rather than pumping in, which is clearly what happened in Georgie’s case and appears to be the ethos of Brampton College. I suspect these are key ingredients that not only put Brampton ahead of other sixth form colleges in the grades league table year after year, but renders a set of personal skills to their students that will endure well after Brampton is history to them.
A more than satisfied father

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