Jess Katz

I was initially studying at Immanuel College, but unfortunately I didn’t fulfil my potential and received bad AS results. I came to Brampton as I heard about their reputation of excellent teachers, small classes and structure. Now I’ve achieved A*AA in Geography, Economics and Religious studies, respectively. I am extremely happy with my results, as after receiving my first AS level results, achieving these results was unimaginable.

The college gave us weekly or fortnightly tests, enabling me to learn all the content of the syllabus thoroughly from the start of the year. There was also a series of mocks. All of these tests prepared me thoroughly for the exams, making the exam process less overwhelming and giving me a clear indication of the areas in need of improvement. Finally, the teachers were extremely helpful, personable and approachable. If I was stuck on any topic or question, one on one help was available.

Brampton also helped me research all the courses and choose my five options according to my priorities. I also had meetings to perfect my personal statement. This made the process of applying to university less daunting as help was always there.

I would highly recommend Brampton College. It pushed me to achieve the highest possible grades. My advice for students that want to improve their grades and need to retake the year, is that although it’s extremely upsetting being in the year behind, in the end it is totally worth it. Brampton College not only drastically improved my A level results, but also helped me mature.

I would like to thank them for being so motivating, inspiring and accommodating, giving up their time whenever I needed any help. I would also like to thank Bernard Canetti for his belief in me and his solid guidance throughout my time at Brampton College.

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