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Introducing Information Technology A level in September 2019

Posted: 8th July 2019

In today’s modern world, Information Technology (IT) is increasingly being used by organisations and individuals to gather, process and manipulate data. Information Technology’s impact is ever-growing and so is the need for individuals who possess the skills to use these technologies effectively.

This year Brampton is excited to be introducing Information Technology (IT) as a new A level subject. The syllabus is ideal for those students who want to take the opportunity to learn these in demand skills. The contents of this course allow students to be creative and learn the skills which are essential for any business or profession. Students will gain knowledge of structure and use of IT systems within a wide range of organisations, gain understanding of system development life cycle and how it affects organisations. Highlights of the course are digital divide, computer networks, spreadsheets, databases, sound & video editing, graphic design, animation, programming for the web, project management and emerging technologies. Studying this course opens a wide range options for work and further studies.

This course is very different to the Computer Science A level that we also offer, with a greater emphasis on the proficiency of most commonly used application software in industry, instead of writing complex computer programs. It is well suited to creative minds who want to use technology to empower their creativity. Please contact us if you require further information or would like to discuss the course in more detail.

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