Student working with a teacher

Oxbridge Programme

At Brampton we are keen to push our students to fulfil their aspirations and to be as ambitious as possible when choosing their universities and careers Students make decisions about which university to apply for and which career to pursue after careful consultation with their personal tutors.

Students who are achieving excellent academic results and who are keen to stretch and challenge themselves are encouraged to consider making applications to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. They will then be invited to join our Oxbridge forum which meets once per week in the first term of the second year and periodically throughout the first year of A level. The forum is led by our Vice Principal for Science and Mathematics, John Wilson. Himself an Oxbridge graduate, John has worked for many years as an advisor to students applying to Oxford, Cambridge, Medical School and other competitive degree programmes.

Students attending the seminars are encouraged to consider their chosen subjects deeply and differently and are challenged to think quickly and respond to problems and situations that may put them out of their comfort zone. To make a strong application to to Oxford and Cambridge, students need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of their chosen subjects from beyond the school curriculum and to present themselves as passionate and thoughtful learners who will be well-suited to the intense and unique learning environment at these prestigious universities.

Once the deadline for applications has passed (15 October every year), the focus of the seminar shifts toward preparation for potential interviews. The interview process at Oxbridge is unique and deliberately challenging. It tests for a range of skills and aptitudes that students at Brampton will practice and develop during their time at our weekly forum. Students learn how to present themselves, to defend their personal statements and how to respond in an engaging manner to questions about their subject or to questions that are seemingly unrelated to their subject.

Any student who has consistently demonstrated that they have the academic ability to achieve grades of AAA or higher at A level is encouraged to attend the forum.