A Level Retakes

At Brampton, we offer both A level and GCSE retake courses.  We meet every one of our prospective students to understand what they’re considering resitting and their academic goals, but more importantly, to make a crucial assessment of what subjects and educational route would be best suited to them in order to reach their goals.

Outstanding Results for Our Retake Students

Over the years Brampton College has seen hundreds of students doing a resit course transform their prospects and sense of confidence.  Here are just a few of our resit student grade improvements for this year:

Adam Heller

Joined from City of London School and improved his grades from BDD (equivalent) to AAB, gaining a place to study Philosophy at the University of Bristol. 

Daniel Janowski

Joined from JCoSS and improved his grades from BBD to A*A*A achieving a place to study Economics at the University of Nottingham.

Yasmin Asher

Joined from South Hampstead School and improved her grades from BBD to A*AA and gained a place to study Psychology at UCL.

Ashley Mansoor

Joined from Hasmonean High School and improved her grades from BCD to AAB gaining a place to study Anthropology at UCL.

Zinnia Silver

Joined from Frances Holland School and improved her grades from ABB to AAA gaining a place to study Veterinary Medicine at the University of Nottingham.

A Tailored Retake Programme

For potential retake students we thoroughly review their situation and every one of their subjects to create a realistic educational programme for them.

For students considering resitting their A levels, this may mean we offer them a one year programme, but only if we feel they can manage the workload and can progress successfully. However, for others, we may advise they consider alternative subject options or recommend they retake their AS levels in order to achieve the foundation level of understanding required to progress to A2s and achieve good results.

The extraordinary level of care and assessment that Brampton offers is based on many years of experience and an outstanding track record of success. Ultimately, we want happy, resilient students, who have the confidence to succeed. If you have any queries relating to A level retakes, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options further.

A Retake Success Story

At Marylebone sixth form I got BCC in my A levels in Product Design, Maths and Economics. Disappointed with these results, I moved to Brampton where I agreed to retake my Maths and pick up History. This has resulted in me achieving an A* in History and an A in Maths (improved from a C grade!). I have got a university place at Leeds to study Graphics and Communication Design, which I’m really looking forward to.

The college was really helpful in terms of the very small class sizes, which I was not accustomed to at my previous schools, and therefore the close contact with teachers. But, I’d have to say the most helpful aspect, certainly in terms of Maths, was the weekly tests and feedback.

The college assigned me a Careers Advisor to help me with my uni applications, who was most helpful in re-focusing my existing Personal Statement and reassuring me of my change from Product to Graphic Design and that I did not have to pursue a more engineering/scientific side to design if I didn’t feel it would suit me.

I would say Brampton is an ideal place for focusing on achieving your best potential grades, with really good teaching. I definitely have to say thank you to my teachers for encouraging me to work hard.

Jim Gibbs improved his grades from C to A in Mathematics

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