Sitting A Levels

To prepare for sitting A levels, students will need to develop techniques that will help them learn, understand and apply what they’ve been taught. At Brampton College, we encourage ‘deeper learning’.

Here are some important steps to ensure deep learning:

deep learning

Many students start A levels just ‘touching the surface’ of a subject trying to work out what the teacher wants and doing their best to provide it. At our College, we encourage students to become ‘deep learners’ who can think for themselves. A good A level student will learn how to think critically, analytically and creatively. It is important they can find, evaluate and synthesize information to construct arguments and design their own solutions to complex problems. As this happens, learning becomes more exciting and the work more rewarding.

We also encourage our students to build a strong academic foundation by improving their literacy and numeracy. This helps them to understand key principles and procedures, recall facts, use the correct language, and draw on their knowledge to complete new tasks.