Business by its nature lends itself to the aphorism:

In the business world, the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield

Warren Buffett

It’s all about the money

Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Business at A level aims to develop an understanding of the objectives, organisation and management of firms and public sector enterprises and of the social, economic and technical environments which constrain their actions and provide opportunities for growth and profitability. Hence Business is concerned with the main functions of business – marketing, human resource management, finance and accounts and operations management – and their interaction with society. At A2 a more holistic approach is required, developing strategies to solve business problems and developing strategy, drawing on knowledge from across the specification.

Business Courses

The department offers Eduqas Business. Eduqas is the new name for WJEC specifications available to English centres. This is available as a two-year course (and in exceptional circumstances, a one-year course).

The three exams build students’ knowledge of different types of business organisations from business start-ups and SMEs in Unit 1, through public limited companies in Unit 2, to the developing importance of multinationals and the impact of globalisation in Unit 3.

Component 1 begins with small businesses but also covers markets and competition, other forms of business and the role of the public sector. Following this the four main business functions are considered in detail: marketing, people, finance and operations management.

Component 2 involves the bulk of the work of handling and manipulating data as well as the problem-solving techniques and tools such as forecasting, decision trees and investment appraisal. This component will naturally encompass the use and development of quantitative skills.

Component 3 considers the external environment of business, what used to be known as the PEST factors, and the international dimension. This component will introduce more complex issues to learners and develop their ability to develop arguments and offer balanced evaluations.

(From Eduqas Business ‘Teachers’ Guide’)

The nature of the course makes it extremely easy for students to come to us after Year 12 and complete their A2 course, and a number of students do this – encouraged by the quality of teaching and subject expertise we have to offer.

Business Staff

Business Studies Students

Business related courses have proved increasingly popular as university choices for students at Brampton College. Students studying Business Studies have, in recent years, gone on to study at some of the country’s most respected universities for business and management, including Aston, Manchester, Leeds and City (John Cass Business School).


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