One Year Upper Sixth Course

Every year students join us for the second year of their A levels after studying the lower sixth (year 12) – and they are highly successful!  Students get the chance to acquire knowledge and skills that they may have missed out on in their first year, as well as expert teaching in the new material of the A2 course. They are also able to take advantage of our comprehensive guidance with university applications.

Students transferring to Brampton for this upper sixth course are expected to demonstrate a satisfactory level of understanding of their subjects and have achieved at least B grades (or equivalent on assessment).

In certain circumstances, and with careful assessment, it is possible for students to take up a new subject that they can complete in a year.

Brampton College has the flexibility to meet these needs and students on our one year A level courses have enjoyed an exceptional rate of success over the years.

Preparing for University

Over this one year period, close attention is paid to choosing the right degree course at university and ensuring that the UCAS application is well researched and carefully completed. Please see our Careers  Advice page for further information.

We provide a stimulating extra-curricular programme which includes the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, a range of charity fundraising activities, debating society, football and other sports, a student council, frequent visits to theatres, art galleries and exhibitions, first aid training, art and photography clubs and a variety of visiting speakers as part of our ‘Inspire’ programme.