Teacher and her student in the science lab

Medical Programme

If you are hoping to study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science or a medically-related degree such as Pharmacy, then the College offers dedicated guidance and preparation to ensure the best chance of success.

Almost 650 of our students have been placed on Medicine, Dentistry and medically related programmes since 2000. Students are encouraged to apply to a range of universities, from Oxford University to the University of East Anglia. Our former students can be found at all the London medical schools – Kings, Imperial, Queen Mary, St George’s and University College.

All applicants for medically-related courses receive:

  • Advice on sixth form subject choices and courses.
  • Support for work experience placements.
  • Workshops for UCAT preparation.
  • Weekly medical forum including:
    • Research and discussion sessions on current medical and ethical issues.
    • Help with preparing a medical application.
    • Access to extensive online information compiled by our expert tutors.
    • Role play scenarios.
    • Multi mini interviews.
    • Workshops aimed at improving communication skills.
  • Introductions to volunteering positions in the wider community.
  • Interview practice with members of staff who have first-hand experience as lay members of medical interview panels.
  • Expert knowledge of university entry requirements.
  • Exclusive access to our expert and dedicated Careers Adviser.
  • First Aid training course offered.


Medical Forum

These are weekly events where you can participate in talks and discussions on current issues affecting Medical, Dentistry and Veterinary professions and discuss the kinds of questions asked at interviews.  During these sessions we explore the principles of medical ethics and look at new scientific research. For part of the year we will concentrate on medical interviews to ensure all our students are fully prepared, exploring the varying styles from the more traditional interview to the variations in multi mini interviews.

Career Support, Advice and Guidance

The College is fortunate to have a highly qualified Careers Adviser. Students in the College are able to book as many one-to-one sessions as they like, ensuring they make realistic and well informed decisions about their choices and then have help with suggestions about how to improve their personal statements. The College appoints each student a UCAS tutor, who spends time getting to know the student well so they can write a supportive reference.

Careers Days

Talks and workshops run by various medical professionals, including doctors, medical students and dentists, occur throughout the year for students to gain insight into the work and daily routines of these professions. This also provides students with the opportunity to discuss with working professionals the rewards, stresses and strains their professions bring.

Visits from Admissions Tutors

Every year we invite admissions tutors to come from different universities to talk to the students and their parents. This enables them to have the opportunity to ask questions and gain an insight into the university application process.


Work Experience and Volunteering

The College encourages students to get a wide range of work experience in GP practices, veterinary practices and other NHS organisations. In London this is easiest to arrange in the borough within which you live but we can give you advice on how best to apply for this and make a link with your local GP and hospital.
We encourage all Brampton students to be involved in some form of volunteering. Useful volunteering for Medical applications are care homes, charity shops and working with children. Brampton College has an active charity committee and we will encourage all students to participate in at least one individual and one corporate event but we will spend some time explaining to all our students the benefits this can bring to the student as well as the wider community. We want you to get involved!

UCAT In-house Training

As part of the Medical Forum programme, in addition to the regular meetings, students receive the following help with their UCAT preparation:
  • A full day of training from trainee doctor on how to best prepare for the UCAT exam with practice papers throughout the day.
  • A talk on tips from a recent medical student and /or Alumni who successfully achieved high scores in their UCAT score.
  • Ideas and suggestions for the best resources for practice questions.
  • Ongoing help and advice from teachers experienced with the UCAT.

Medical Destinations

This year, nine of our students hold 14 offers between them for Medicine (including places at the University of Oxford and Imperial College) and six students hold 7 offers for Dentistry. Our one Veterinary applicant has gained 2 offers. These offers are a remarkable result in light of such fiercely competitive courses.

Destinations of recent leavers studying Medicine include Bristol, Leicester and Sheffield. Many of our applicants for Dentistry have been accepted by the Dental schools at Leeds and Queen Mary, while others are currently studying at Bristol and Liverpool.

Gaining a place to read Medicine or in one of the professions allied to Medicine such as Dentistry, Optometry or Pharmacy requires thorough preparation and skilled advice and guidance.  Our record speaks for itself.

Overseas University Applications

Brampton College has many years’ experience with overseas medical and dental school entry procedures. Our students have gone on to study in The Czech Republic, Spain, Canada, USA, Malta, Ireland and others.