A Level Results Day

“Brampton will always have a special place in my heart”

22nd September 22

Dear Bernard (Principal), Thank you so much for having me at Brampton. Being at the college has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I feel truly privileged to have been part of the community, with so...

The Elek family celebrate the results of their fourth child who studied at Brampton!

21st September 22

“We started Brampton nine years ago with our eldest daughter Stephanie, who after one year of sixth form at her school felt a change at this stage would be beneficial. We had heard encouraging things about Brampton College and made an...

Brampton has shown me I can achieve whatever I put my mind to!

25th August 22

I got 3 A*s!!! I’m in shock still, I wasn’t expecting this. I came here lacking confidence – I was quite average at my old school. I came to Brampton and I told myself I was going to work really...

I’ve just completed a retake course and have achieved two grades higher than my last school!

25th August 22

I’ve just completed a retake course and have achieved two grades higher than my last school! I needed an A in Chemistry to get into Manchester for Medicine and I’ve gone from a B to an A*! The level of...

students smiling on results day

“She really has flourished here.”

24th August 22

We came here following a family friend’s recommendation. They had a daughter who was similar to Amelia, who hadn’t achieved particularly well at high school and GCSE. Amelia then chose to come here and she has literally loved it from...

students hugging on results day

“I’m off to study Medicine!”

24th August 22

It’s such a weird feeling, I’m off to Bristol University to study Medicine! I’ve had an amazing year here. The small classes and teachers are really good. Looking back, I hated the weekly exams, but they have definitely helped. Another...

boys holding their exam results

“I’ve improved my grade from a C to an A”

24th August 22

I’ve got my first choice place at Bristol to study Accounting and Finance. I came here to retake Chemistry and improved my grade from a C to an A. Brampton has supported me so much, they gave us so much...

students happy on results day

“Brampton has met my expectations 1000%!”

24th August 22

I’ve just got A*AA results! I’m doing a gap year then off to Birmingham to study Politics. I’m the fourth sibling to come to Brampton so I knew it was the most amazing college. My brother and sister achieved outstanding...

womens rights poster

The American Paradox: So Pro-Life That They’re Pro-Death

6th July 22

When I returned home in the afternoon of Friday 24th June, I noticed that, for the first time in a long time, my family were completely quiet. They all had their eyes fixed on the TV screen, gaping slightly, and...

fixing bikes

Engineering in practice!

6th July 22

Engineers represent everyday problems mathematically and choose the most logical and practical way to solve them. As a student hoping to study engineering in the future, I was keen on getting some hands-on experience with bikes as they have a...

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