A Levels

At Brampton College we recognise that A levels are a crucial aspect of a young person’s academic journey. Choosing the right combination of subjects can be quite an overwhelming experience for students and we place great emphasis on helping students make informed decisions. We also offer considerable flexibility regarding course options: we want to cater to all of our prospective students so that they are happy with their final subject choices, no matter what their interests or university aspirations.

A level subjects

Science, Mathematics & Computing

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • Computer Science


  • Art
  • Photography
  • English
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Latin
  • Classical Civilisation

Social Science

  • Economics
  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • Geography

We also offer the Extended Project Qualification 7.

Each subject department is taught by experienced teaching staff and our outstanding facilities provide a stimulating learning environment. For example, we have several recently refurbished laboratories for the Science department, a large art studio for both traditional art work and photography, up-to-date computer rooms and a library for silent studying.

Moving from GCSE level to A level can often be quite challenging because A levels require more independent and detailed study. Our expertise in managing this transition is demonstrated by our Added Value scores. In 2020, Brampton College was placed in the top 2% in the Government’s A level Progress Score out of over 2,600 UK schools. A positive score means students made more progress, on average, than students with similar GCSE results. This also indicates the level of ‘value added’ by the school.