Mathematics & Further Mathematics

The word “mathematics” comes from the Greek μάθημα (máthēma), which means learning, study, and science.

Mathematics is a group of related subjects, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus, concerned with the study of numbers, quantity, shape and space and their interrelationship, application, generalisation and abstraction.

Why Study Mathematics?

Mathematics is not only the language of science, but is also considered to be the most intellectual and classical of the arts; as such it is a highly regarded academic field that can be combined with not only other science subjects, but also with the arts and humanities.

Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.

Albert Einstein

Mathematics is used in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, and the social sciences such as economics.

Applied mathematics, the application of mathematics to such fields, inspires and makes use of new mathematical discoveries and sometimes leads to the development of entirely new disciplines.

The Maths Department at Brampton can compete with any Maths department in the country. The thorough preparation offered by our team of specialist A level teachers has produced outstanding results across a range of A level courses year after year.

Our Courses

Key to our success is the highly experienced teaching of a thorough and systematic course, ensuring plenty of practice in homework and tests, supported by generous tutorial provision giving specific individual help.

There is no branch of Mathematics, however abstract, which may not someday be applied to phenomena of the real world.

N.I. Lobachevsky

The Department is able to offer a considerable range of courses and flexibility for individual students’ requirements. Apart from the two year A level course, we also offer:

  • One year intensive retake A level
  • One year intensive A level after GCSE (for potential Further Mathematicians)
  • Further Maths one year A level (for those with a strong Maths A level)

Year 1: AS mathematics students all study Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics.

Year 2: students complete their Pure Mathematics studies along with Mechanics and Statistics.

Further mathematicians complete a full a level of mathematics in their first year of study and in the second year study 2 units of further Pure Mathematics and 2 applied units of Mechanics.

Mathematics Staff

David Turner, Head of Department

DTurnerDavid completed his BSc in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at Cardiff University College. He then became a fast track civil servant and a government statistician. For 10 years he was responsible for the collection and analysis and presentation for a variety of government statistics. He worked for a number of government ministers managing teams of between 2 and 12 staff. Whilst doing this, he obtained a post graduate diploma in counselling and this led him to the brave decision to go to Brunel University where he studied for his PGCE in Secondary Mathematics. He worked at a variety of schools in London before joining BC in 2004. The college makes good use of his statistical skills and he teaches many of the S1 & S2 classes as well as Pure and Decision Mathematics. David has an important role within the department, particularly within the AS year, and advises the management team on the proposed changes to the Math’s GCSE & A Levels.

Bagher Sadrieh

Bagher SadrichAfter completing a BSc in Mathematics at Westfield College (University of London), Bagher went on to do a Post Graduate “Certificate of Chelsea College” course in Mathematics (University of London), for which he obtained a Distinction.

He then did a one year MSc course in Mathematics at Chelsea College, and following this embarked on a three year PhD course in the field of Differential Equations at Kings’ College (University of London). After his Post Graduate research, he taught A’level Mathematics at Albany College (London) for eight years, before joining Brampton College in 1993, and becoming Head of Department.

Bagher is a keen sportsman and received a sport Laureate for his contribution to the University of London Table Tennis team and representing them in the European University Championships.


Jonathan Rubeck

Jonathan RubeckAfter gaining his Maths Degree from Manchester University, Jonathan spent almost six years in Israel, including studying Maths and Computer Science at Haifa University. He returned to London and received a PGCE from Middlesex University and has taught in several Secondary Schools and Sixth Form Colleges in London, most recently BSix and Candi.

Alice Ciccioni

Alice graduated with honours at the University of Ferrara (Italy), then she got a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Padova (Italy). Her thesis was about Algebraic Geometry. During her PhD she gained experience in teaching at the University and she has been working as a science communicator. In 2012 she moved to the UK where she decided to pursue teaching full time. She adores London and she is very fond of dogs.

Geoffrey Segal

G SegalGeoffrey is one of the longest serving members of staff, having been a feature of the college since 1998, Geoffrey is also a qualified solicitor and teaches the constitutional elements of the AS Politics course at Brampton College.

Imran Imam


Imran read physics for B.Sc.(Hon) and M.Sc at University of London King’s College and Imperial College, and later read mathematics (pure and applied) B.Sc. (Hon) and MMath at The Open University. He initially taught physics, and for the last twenty years has been teaching A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Imran has also prepared students for the Advanced Extension Award in Mathematics for the last fifteen years and is an Associate Member of The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

Sarah Bailey






Tressan Anastasiou

Before joining Brampton Tressan taught Mathematics at Channing School in Highgate for 11 years. During her time at Channing her roles included Head of Upper School and Deputy Head of Mathematics. Tressan has an honours degree in Engineering (specialising in microelectronics) from the University of Edinburgh. Prior to joining teaching, she worked in Medical Physics for the NHS and as an investment banker in the City, specialising in European Telecoms. She has an outstanding track record in helping her students to achieve academic success at IGCSE and likewise at Single and Further Maths A Levels.

Special Achievements

The following students scored more than 550 out of a possible maximum of 600 points:

2003: Ben Rapport, Stephanie Lalor, Purvesh Shah, Anish Shah
2004: Deano Gu, Chirag Shah, Cao Bin
2005: Minal Shah, Emma Quinlan, Hikmatali Shariff
2006: Emma Lewis, Ben Newton, Samir Metha, ShehanWijesingha
2007: Shinal Desai, Rainbow Lai, Riten Patel, SagarPatel, Nick Sun, Andrew Sui
2008: Mukund Mengahani, SagarPatel, Andrew Sui
2009: Sahir Zubair, Jason Karp, Xiaodong Zhou, Fuming Huang
2010: Mohammad Nikkerdar, Haiying Cheng, Christopher Hammond, Mehdi Goudarzi
2011: Diloushka Fernando, Miraj Patel, Akaask Shah, Qianxu Jiang
2012: Cheng Cai, Rebecca Freund, Lara Weldon, Henry Levene, Max Bull, Benjamin Rosen
2013: Max Bull, Beijuan Mo, Tony Yang, Gary Lee, Leon Stritt, Michael Leigh, Jing Wang
2014: Lucus Cheng, Adam Kendal
2015: Yuen Xie, Acacia Zhong, Effie Li, Victoria Wang
2016: Matan Hamburger, David Abraham, Arun Sivaganeshan, Joyce Kam, Tom Bauer
2017: Meera Devlia, Palin Shah, Dipen Patel, Rika Miyake, Simrat Aujla, Hari Asokan, Dhru Devalia

Students have gone on to study Maths at the most illustrious university faculties in the country, including  Oxford  University, Trinity College, University of Cambridge and Warwick University

Student Stories
Hikmatali Shariff

Brampton College student Hikmatali Shariff gained an incredible six top grade A levels at college in summer 2005, an achievement only ever matched by a tiny handful of A level candidates across the whole country. Hikmatali, who won a place to read Mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge as a result, was also commended for outstanding performance by the Edexcel examination board as one of the top ten candidates in three exams: Mathematics, Advanced Extension Award Mathematics and Physics. Hikmatali also studied A level Biology, Chemistry and Economics, and at one point had to be persuaded not to take on Psychology A level as well as there was no space for another lesson in his timetable!

Hikmatali came to Brampton from a school in Kenya only at the start of the academic year, but his lively personality and enthusiasm for learning ensured that he took this big change in his stride. Hikmatali’s 16-year old younger brother Kumail also came to the college at the same time, scoring A grades in his GCSEs and also being commended by the exam board for gaining one of the top five marks in the country in Religious Studies GCSE.

Max Bull

Max Bull achieved A*A*A*A*AA in Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Further Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Psychology along with an A* in the Extended Project Qualification. He has a place to study Mathematics and Economics at LSE.

Coming to Brampton College has been the best decision of my academic career so far. After spending 4 years at my previous school – a school where the teachers’ efforts were focused on a small minority of students considered the most ‘able’, leaving the rest behind – moving to Brampton opened my eyes to whole other world of learning.

The teachers at Brampton strive to make the lessons more engaging for all, and are more than happy to continue the discussion after class. Homework’s are marked promptly and detailed feedback is always given. Most importantly, both the staff and the students motivate you to achieve your very best.

I feel privileged to have studied for two years at Brampton College, and would highly recommend enrolment to anyone looking for academic success!

Max’s dad commented

“I could never imagined Max achieving the type of results he has. This is a compliment to Brampton College where Max’s ability, matched with the teaching skills has let Max fulfil his true potential. Thank you, Brampton College. My son, Max, found a place where he could work in a manner that possibly would not have been available in other colleges.

A big thank you to all the staff and teachers who have guided Max and given him the opportunity to shine. I’m sure I speak for everyone, we are all incredibly proud of Max’s wonderful achievement.

 Ben Rapport

Ben Rapport gained AAA grades in Politics, Chemistry and Mathematics on a two-year A level course at Brampton College.

Today on the agenda at college: another test and another tutorial! Although I was happy at my previous school, I wanted this focused academic structure, drive and assistance; but I feared I might be moving to an isolated, intense college with very few friends! Almost instantly my hopes were realised and my worries disappeared. Yes, the teachers were amazing and the time that they were prepared to give the students was unbelievable.

My concerns about the tests (unfortunately!) were also correct. In the first year fortnightly and in the second year weekly, without fail there were tests to revise for and do. It took a bit of time to get used to but then I started to realise that, coupled with doing homework, the amount of revision needed was not so huge. Furthermore, at the end of the year I realised how much easier these tests made both revision and the exams.

Throughout my time at the college I realised that the old Post Office building tucked away from the main road is probably one of the best situated buildings in London – being next to about 15 restaurants is quite a useful thing! Despite the scary myth of the college’s intense ‘homework and weekly test’ regime, I still found myself with quite a lot of spare time which allowed me to keep in contact with my old school friends.

Also, I found both teachers and students at the college very friendly. All in all I discovered that the college wasn’t such a scary, boring place after all!! I also appreciated the time the teachers spent with me in improving my interview technique.

I have spent my gap year in Israel studying and analysing in detail Jewish law. My ability to do this has been well aided by the Maths, Chemistry and Politics, which I was taught so well at Brampton College. I will be reading Economics at UCL.”

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