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Enrichment Activities

Life at Brampton isn’t all about study. We wholly encourage participation in enrichment activities to develop personal interests, learn new skills, support university applications or simply to have fun.

There’s a whole range of activities to get involved in, from serious commitments like the Duke of Edinburgh Award, voluntary work or chairing a charity fundraising group to light hearted (but competitive!) relief such as table-tennis, football or a trip to the theatre.

We have a football team, a student council, a photography club; we go to lectures, cinema and exhibitions in town; there’s a singing club, debating society, visiting speakers on a variety of topics, first aid courses, and the ever-popular Pro-share competition too – all designed to help you achieve that important work-life balance.

Take a look at our full enrichment programme

Duke of Edinburgh Award Football
Lecture Trips Debating Society
Charity Committee Science Olympiads and Senior Maths Challenge
English Club Mindfulness Course
Student Council Young Enterprise
Singing Club Medical Forum
Fitness Club Student Magazine
Table Tennis Photography Club
First Aid LAMDA
Computing Club Art & Photography Club
Medical Forum Gym Classes


LAMDA Public Speaking

Brampton offers LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) qualifications, enabling students to take graded examinations in Public Speaking and Acting, which are regulated by Ofqual and generate UCAS tariff points. The Acting syllabus gives students the opportunity to work together to develop characters and scenes from exciting new plays as well as those that they may already be familiar with. The Public Speaking syllabus enables students to write and deliver coherent and concise speeches and encourages them to understand and adapt speeches to selected audiences. Within both courses students develop a broad range of skills that will serve them throughout life, boosting self-confidence and enhancing communication ability. Lessons build pupils’ vocal and physical range, encouraging them to work creatively with others. LAMDA lessons teach pupils to speak clearly with expressive confidence and to develop a wealth of personal skills.


Each week a different speaker visits the college to discuss with JSoc students issues relating to Jewish faith, culture and identity.


Brampton offers students the opportunity to complete an EPQ alongside their A level courses. An EPQ is an A level standard standalone qualification designed to extend and develop students’ abilities beyond the A level syllabus and prepare them for university or future careers. The EPQ allows students to lead their own projects. Students get to plan and carry out research on a topic that they’ve chosen and isn’t covered by their other qualifications. They can take inspiration from something touched on in class or something personal and unrelated to their studies. They then use this research to produce a written report and, in the case of practical projects, an artefact or a production. An EPQ is worth half an A level and is recognised by universities and employers. Many universities make lower A level offers to students undertaking an EPQ. By taking responsibility for the choice, design and decision making of an individual project students become more critical, reflective and independent learners whilst increasing their planning, research and organisational skills.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Brampton offers students the opportunity to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students choose one of three progressive levels which, when successfully completed, leads to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. There are four sections  to complete at Bronze and Silver level and five at Gold. They involve helping the community/environment, becoming fitter, developing new skills, planning, training for and completing an expedition and, for Gold only, working with a team on a residential activity. Through a DofE programme young people have fun, make friends, improve their self-esteem and build confidence.

Computing Club

Most students that participate in Computing Club also study Computer Science. Computing Club students take part in different coding and programming activities that extend and compliment their A level studies. Computing club was set up by students and is supported by the college’s IT Manager.

First Aid

Students can complete a short First Aid course following the practical part of the Emergency First Response program. The course covers all practical First Aid skills. Students can upgrade to full EFR courses by studying the additional theory component independently ahead of completing a short final exam.


Each week Gym club students visit the fitness centre at Middlesex University, which is located a short walk away. Students have full access to the gym equipment and facilities on offer there.

Student Council

The Student Council is the voice of the student community in the college. The council meet fortnightly to discuss issues concerning student life. The Student Council raise money for good causes as well as help organise and run activities and other extracurricular activities in the college.


Budding writers and journalists often join @BCMagazine, the college magazine which is published each summer. The editorial team also write and publish articles for the website throughout the year on a wide range of issues.

Art & Photography

Students can pursue their create side in the art and photography group. The college has a large art room, photography studio and darkroom which students can learn and use.

Young Enterprise

Brampton students have the opportunity to take part in the the Young Enterprise Company Programme. Students develop their understanding of business by setting up and running their own student company under the guidance of a business professional. Students make all the decisions about their business, from deciding on a company name, managing the company finances and selling to the public. Those taking part in Young Enterprise gain practical business experience and keys skills that can really enhance university applications.