Our Aims & Ethos

Our aim is to help each individual student succeed in their aspirations and achieve the best possible exam results. To this end, the College has an ethos which places an emphasis on individual support and mentoring. Class sizes are small, with an average of seven, and weekly tutorials are available in all subjects to review coursework and tests, discuss areas of difficulty and to prepare and build confidence for exams.

Weekly or fortnightly tests are an integral feature of all courses and a critical factor in the success of our students. They identify areas of weakness and help students gain the confidence and techniques for succeeding in exams. Heads of Department supervise progress using these weekly test and homework marks, and these records are then passed on to each student’s Personal Tutor to discuss with them in their weekly meeting. Communication and collaboration with parents is highly valued and so all of this is summarised in the students’ reports which are available to parents on a regular basis.

Moving to Brampton opened my eyes to a whole other world of learning. The teachers at Brampton strive to make the lessons more engaging for all, and are more than happy to continue the discussion after class. Most importantly, both the staff and the students motivate you to achieve your very best.”

All our teachers are experienced A level specialists, who install a high level of academic discipline. However, this is balanced by providing an informal environment which is friendly, supportive and encouraging.

We pride ourselves on the high level of care we offer to each student in the pursuit of their individual academic goals. Students come to Brampton College because they want to succeed, and we are proud of our record in helping them to do so.