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Our Aims and Values

Our Aims

To deliver an exceptional education that has a transformative impact on the lives of our students. We empower them to set ambitious goals, to kindle an unwavering belief that their ambitions are achievable and to inspire them to become independent learners and global citizens.

Our Values

Education to empower and inspire

  • We believe in the power of education to empower and inspire
  • We believe that exceptional education is not confined to the classroom
  • We expect our students to want to learn and for our teachers to be willing learners too

To listen, to understand

  • We wholeheartedly listen to and seek to understand each of our students
  • We want our students to be heard, to believe they are who they choose to be and that they are not defined by their past or the expectations of others
  • Often students come to us disheartened and discouraged. We don’t judge but instead we offer hope and another chance


  • We believe in the power of perseverance and in developing resilience
  • We engender in our students: self-reliance, independence and ownership of their educational journey
  • We encourage our students to keep going and to remain driven when they face difficulties, yet we are unwavering and wholehearted in our support for them when they need it

To be outward looking and positive

  • We expect all members of the Brampton community to understand their impact on the local and global community
  • We want to create global citizens who look for ways to have a positive impact on the world around them

Respect and kindness

  • There is mutual respect between students and staff as equal partners in a journey
  • Students and staff show kindness toward each other, and respect underpins everything we do as a college