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As a specialist sixth form college, we are able to offer considerable flexibility with course options in order to accommodate individual needs. Today’s generation of young people are faced with many important, often difficult decisions regarding their education and future: what and where to study, for example. At Brampton College, we place great emphasis on these decisions and offer our students guidance and support so that they can be confident they have made the right choices.

We offer A level courses, a one year GCSE course and retake courses, all in a variety of subjects.

In addition to offering a range of traditionally academic A level subjects, such as Science, English and Mathematics, students at Brampton College can also choose to study anything from Computing and Photography to Business and Philosophy. No matter what they choose, students will be taught by experienced teachers who will help them develop a deep understanding of their subjects.

Our small GCSE department is flourishing under the direction of our highly experienced Head of GCSE. The intake includes year 10 students who transfer from other schools to complete their GCSEs, international students wishing to integrate into the English education system and students re-taking their GCSE exams. Students generally follow a programme of seven subjects over one year. Compulsory weekly sporting sessions are included in the GCSE timetable to ensure the students maintain their fitness and health. Many of our students continue to study A levels at Brampton.


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