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Black issues are not something to play Devil’s advocate with

29th March 23

Devil’s advocate (noun) — A person who expresses a controversial opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of opposing arguments. This definition states the two functions of playing devil’s advocate: to provoke and to test. In an...

Protestors sharing their distate for the Willow project

Everything you should know about the Willow Project

22nd March 23

What is the Willow Project? The Willow Project is a proposed plan for oil production, for an oil company called ConocoPhillips where a 23 million-acre area of land in Alaska, the largest area of undisturbed land in the US, will...

Woman Is Holding A Placard Against Sexual Assault During News Photo 1637853583

Let the Education Begin

2nd February 23

It is undeniable that the aftermath of the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard brought nationwide awareness to the ever more prevalent problem of violence against women and girls. Even now, it is incredibly difficult not to be moved by...

Film Studies

“I’d definitely recommend Film Studies!”

25th January 23

It wasn’t until I began the subject that I understood what really goes into the making of a good film. So far, A level Film Studies has given me a deeper knowledge of older and modern films, whilst also giving...

Home is Everything

Because home is everything…

19th January 23

Brampton has a longstanding history of helping a multitude of charities, from WWF to Greenpeace to Young Minds, which has inspired Brampton pupils to also take action of their own. On the 14th of December 2022, the Brampton College Student...

People protesting outside the White House

It’s a year since Roe vs Wade was overturned, since then what are the implemented effects today?

12th January 23

Roe vs Wade is the name of a lawsuit that led to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decison to establish abortion as legal in 1973. Yet it was never decided as a constitutional right and kept in the process of...

jewellery being shown by the students

‘Revive’ — From Dust to Jewels

13th December 22

This year, Brampton’s Young Enterprise has decided to produce decorations and jewellery from recycled material. With the slogan, “from dust to jewels”, and an environmental goal in mind, our group, who have named ourselves ‘Revive’, has produced a wide range...

Intersectional feminism is the only feminism

What Makes a Woman?

7th December 22

In a recent article, I talked about the (not so) difficult question of gender, and that, in spite of how modern we believe our society is, there are still so many who believe they must conform to archaic gender binaries...

Ukraine Flag

My Experience of Putin’s War on Ukraine — Olesia Kharyk, student

24th November 22

It was odd, winter thought, that the flowers should dare Lift their delicate heads from the snow to the air. From his icicle lips freezing whirlwinds he blew And he piled the snow thick, stack by stack, on the blooms....

3 Richest Men

Are You Going To Be Rich?

24th November 22

Have you ever wondered if success is in your future? If you’re like me, then you’ve thought about what the future has in store for you more than once — will you rise above your station, or live an average...

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