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womens rights poster

The American Paradox: So Pro-Life That They’re Pro-Death

6th July 22

When I returned home in the afternoon of Friday 24th June, I noticed that, for the first time in a long time, my family were completely quiet. They all had their eyes fixed on the TV screen, gaping slightly, and...

The Face Within - art piece

‘The Face Within’: an Art student shares their story and ambitions

11th May 22

Art has always been a great passion of mine and the opportunities that Brampton provides are vast. The art and photography studios are interlinked which allows for an inclusive environment and the sharing of facilities. For example, Brampton’s dark room...

A student sleeping

It’s exam season, but why sleep is so important?

4th May 22

Hi everyone! This article is a part of my wellbeing blog. Last time I addressed the importance of exercise, and the benefits you can gain from regularly keeping fit. In this issue, I want to be able to convince you...

Doctor holds on a stethoscope

GASP Medics talk: how the healthcare sector can help fight climate change

27th April 22

We were pleased to welcome representatives of GASP Medics to Brampton at the end of last term. GASP Medics is a nationwide, non-profit, multidisciplinary movement made up healthcare professionals, students, managers and sustainability consultants working together to enact change. They came...


Moving to Brampton College was the best decision I’ve ever made!

31st March 22

When I first joined Brampton College, I had little to no confidence in my academics. However, the constant encouragement and belief I received from all the teachers at Brampton from day one, helped improve my grades and achieve A*A*A! I...

Rolling waves

Floating in Chaos

23rd March 22

I stand captain of my ship with my crew dependent on me. The Prince; broken. The old man with a leaden tongue. The musician with her harp strings cut and her voice lost. They look at me with the belief....

Protestors saying No war

Will the Russo-Ukrainian war end with global conflict?

1st March 22

In 2008, Ukraine applied for a NATO membership. Subsequently, President Putin spoke out against Ukraine’s membership in NATO stating that membership is prohibited under the updated Brezhnev Doctrine. The doctrine states that Ukraine can’t be a part of a membership...

LGBT Pride March in London

Your God Did Not Teach Love Through Hate

24th February 22

On 6th January 2022, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that, after a seven-year battle between Gareth Lee and a Belfast bakery, over a case of homophobic discrimination, this case was “inadmissible”. This all started in 2014, when ‘Ashers’...

Woman running

9th February 22

Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Imaan, and I’m a second year A level student here at Brampton. Over the last few years I’ve found a passion in advocating good mental health, and...

Sarah Hart

Why I was fascinated by Sarah Hart’s lecture on Fibonacci number and the Golden ratio

9th February 22

Fortunately, just two weeks ago before Sarah Hart’s lecture I was guided to derive the formula for nth Fibonacci term by my Further Maths teacher, Imran Imam. The golden ratio simply dropped in our lap halfway through our solution. Is...

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