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Top 3 places to eat near Brampton which you simply have to try!

Posted: 8th February 2024

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Coming in first place we have, to no surprise, Mr Baker! Now I have yet to meet someone at Brampton who doesn’t like Mr Baker. I have to say, personally, I go to Mr Falafel so often that they don’t even ask me for my order anymore, they just make it the second I walk in. I actually didn’t like falafels when I first joined Brampton, but one day during GCSEs last year, I finally decided to bite the bullet and try it, and I never looked back. I also recently discovered, something that I somehow missed previously, is that one of Mr Baker’s ‘sub categories’, I guess you could call them,  Mr Napolatien, actually sells Pizza! So, last week as an end of week celebration, me and some friends all had pizza at Mr Baker! I like how they have a wide variety of toppings to choose from. I personally like adding olives to mine, but to each their own. 

Here is what other students have to say:

“Mr Baker has nice falafel for a good price and the people there are always so nice!” Michaella, GCSE student from Brampton last year

“The pizza there is tasty and the garlic butter dip is so amazing I cried!” Artur, year 12 student

“Mr baker’s soup in a cup is my go to- it’s usually vegetable or vegetable + lentils, and it’s delicious and very nourishing. Plus it comes with a free bread roll of your choice! About £4.50 so it’s great price for daily lunch.” Sophie, year 12 student 

“Mr falafel staff are always friendly and smiley and the falafel is yummy. And there is one guy who always gives free food which is a plus!” Christina, year 12 student 


Second on our list we have Teddy Bear, an ideal place if you have a sweet spot for bubble tea. With such a wide range of options, there are endless possibilities! I personally tend to enjoy a ‘Choco Lab’ with extra tapioca every Friday for the discount!

Here is what other students have to say:

“Amazing place actually. Only ever had a few bubble teas but they were actually amazing. l also stole some chocolate bubble tea from my girlfriend, and it was delicious.. The tapioca is very nice!” Artur, year 12 student

“Teddy Bear is my go to bubble tea place. They offer student discounts and the staff are always polite and never forget a face.” Nicky, year 12 student

“Teddy bear is a staple in my week. the staff always make my day and the tapioca pearls are the best around- always gives me something to look forward to!” Sophie, year 12 student


Now this one is a bit more obvious simply because of how many options there are to choose from, but that’s part of what makes it so great. Have a long free period, and you are really in the food for Nandos? No problem, because Brent Cross is only a 15 minute bus ride on the 143 or the 326 away! 

Here is what other students have to say:

“Brent Cross is a very useful place to have nearby as there’s many shops. you can get there in 10 minutes if you get on the right bus. There’s different cuisines of food so there’s something for everyone.” Christina, year 12 student

“It’s super convenient and easy to get to. My favourite place to eat there is probably Wagamama!” Artur, Year 12 student

Written and researched by Annabelle Bowman, student

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