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Month: April 2022

GASP Medics talk: how the healthcare sector can help fight climate change

27th April 2022

We were pleased to welcome representatives of GASP Medics to Brampton at the end of last term. GASP Medics is a nationwide, non-profit, multidisciplinary movement made up healthcare professionals, students, managers…

When Will We Abandon ‘The Pursuit of Slappyness’?

20th April 2022

It seems that, once again, the world is divided. No, I’m not talking about the controversy surrounding responses to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, or Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill,…

An interview with the Principal: Fighting Climate Change

20th April 2022

I’m a student at Brampton College and sit on the Green Committee. Last term, I interviewed the Principal of Brampton College, Bernard Canetti, about the climate crisis and what he’s…