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Facilitating Subjects

Posted: 29th September 2014

The classification of ‘facilitating’ subjects has gained prominence in recent years. We are particularly pleased with the number of students taking and excelling in these. This year 66% of our entries are in facilitating subjects compared with the national average of 46%; 52% of these grades were A*/A. These outstanding achievements are testament to our experienced and dedicated teachers and the excellent work ethic we instil in to our students.

Choosing facilitating subjects, students ensure they have a wide range of options open to them at university. In particular the Russell Group of universities emphasise the importance of these subjects. These facilitating subjects are: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, History, Geography and Modern Languages.

However, we should emphasise that in our view, it is most important that students choose subjects they enjoy and at which they will be successful. These may or may not include these subjects.

The A level results at Brampton College are consistently high. We are the top Sixth Form College in London, a place we have held for the past 13 years. The College also has the highest percentage of students achieving at least AAB in 3 facilitating subjects.

There is more information regarding facilitating subjects in the Informed Choices booklet published by the Russell Group.

The government recognises the importance of these subjects and includes the measure in the Performance Tables.

Link to the Department for Education Performance Tables.
Department for Education

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