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UCAS Clearing Changes 2015

Posted: 26th April 2015


New Clearing Service from UCAS

UCAS is offering a new clearing service to A level students who need to secure a place at university via clearing

The service is OPTIONAL and you only need to subscribe to it if you think you want to use it.

After You Receive Your Results

After results and ONLY for students in clearing, UCAS will send your application details to all universities holding places on courses that match your UCAS degree choices.

You will be telephoned on either your landline or mobile by these universities who will offer you a place.

You may be tempted to take the first place you are offered, but there could be serious implications for you if you do this. This is because you might end up being persuaded to choose a course on a “first come first serve” basis, which would be the wrong choice for you.

Once you complete a contract with a university for the course, you cannot change it.

What Brampton College Advise

  1. Do not accept the first clearing offer you receive by phone
  2. Wait for all your options to come through before you make your choice
  3. Leave your answerphone on at home to receive offers
  4. BEFORE YOU DECIDE, come in to Brampton College and discuss your options with a careers adviser and/or member of the teaching staff

Clearing closes on 30th September 2015

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