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The Best Use of the Christmas Break

Posted: 16th December 2015

For many of our students the end of term is very welcome. We have covered a lot of material in lessons (more than half the content of the course gets taught in the Autumn term) and lots of extra-curricular and enrichment activities. Hopefully, the ucas application has been sorted too!
Christmas Break

Many families will have planned events that might involve travel and I am sure the students have organised some time to get together and socialise!

Many people may be encouraging our young people to work all through the holiday and others will despair from teenage excess. So what is the sensible balance? It is important to get the right mix. Expecting the impossible, asking our young people to stay in and study around the clock is counter-productive.

All of the College community need time to relax, to come back refreshed and ready for a busy term. I would strongly encourage everyone, students and staff, to do this. Taking time to mix with other people can be part of that relaxation.

However, I would also encourage students to take time over the break to think things through and make sure their notes are in order. It is a good chance to review what they have studied this term.

So what is the best use of the coming break? There should be time to enjoy it with the family and friends as well as getting organised, notice gaps in their work and to go over any areas teachers have identified in the end of term reports.

The vacation should be a break from the norm, a chance to loosen up from the restraints of college hours. I would set no rules about how much they should study but would encourage them to take the pressure off next term by coming back fully prepared and relaxed to face a very busy term.

Most of all I wish all the college community a happy, relaxed time with family and friends.
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