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Best ever GCSE results

Posted: 24th August 2016

Brampton College, London’s number one sixth form college, has achieved its best ever GCSE results today with 30% A* (national average 6.5%), 62% A*/A (20.5% national average), 86% A*-B (41.9% national average). The College excelled in subjects such as Geography and Art which had 100% A*/A grades, and English Literature which had 100% A*-B grades. This is an incredible outcome. It is in stark contrast to a year which has seen the worst GCSE results for almost 10 years, with the number of pupils getting a C grade or above falling to its lowest.

Brampton’s intensive one year GCSE programme allows students to take up to seven GCSEs. Noon Abbas came to us after completing Year 9 and has completed her GCSEs a year early. She achieved 6A* 2A grades. She will continue at Brampton College, beginning her A levels in September. She comments ‘
I am very happy and relieved right now, my hard work has paid off! I am now motivated to start my A Level course, here at Brampton. My brother came to Brampton and found it a really transformative experience – it gave him back his confidence. So when I needed to change school, I was worried to do GCSEs in one year, but he reassured me that with the help of the teachers here at Brampton, it could be done. Brampton is different to other schools because the classes are small, there is constant testing and fortnightly records, and so with all that practise, you’re always revising and you always know how you’re doing. Here at Brampton, you get all the support that you need. And so as long as you’re working hard, there is no reason not to succeed here!”

Pippa Hussain’s parents are ‘overwhelmed and relieved’ with Pippa’s incredible result of 7A*. “We’re overwhelmed and hugely relieved. What you guys have done here is genuinely incredible. Pippa has always been disciplined, but Brampton has given her a huge amount of confidence in her academic ability. She never thought she was academically bright until she came here. Pippa’s experience at Brampton has been so helpful because of how focused her time here is. The students have very good relationships with teachers, and because of small classes, the students are each completely visible – teachers always know what you’re doing. The small classes at Brampton are a stand out trait. Pippa has been inspired here, and furthermore they’re treated like adults. And as a parent, you get so much feedback! Two years ago, we thought she would be lucky to get a B in maths – the college has opened her mind. If someone was considering coming to Brampton, we’d say don’t hesitate, just do it!”

Susan Young, Head of GCSEs at Brampton, says “Overall, the GCSE results are amazing. They reflect a year of hard work and determination from students and staff alike. The students have benefited from small classes, experienced and caring teachers and individual attention. It should also be noted that we are non-selective and students come to Brampton for a number of reasons (having lived abroad, having been ill, unhappy where they have been) so these results really are an outstanding achievement.”

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