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Brampton College supports the Anthony Nolan Trust

Posted: 5th November 2019

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This year, Brampton College’s Charity Committee has decided to raise money for the Anthony Nolan trust. Anthony Nolan is a UK charity which works in the area of leukaemia and hematopoietic stem cell transplantations. The charity conducts world-class research in the areas of stem cell matching and transplants to ensure patients can get the best possible treatment, as well as matching blood donors with patients in need. This particular charity has been chosen as it is close to the college’s heart as one of our students is currently undergoing treatment.

The Charity Committee worked to bring a festive Halloween atmosphere to the college by carving pumpkins and putting up decorations. In addition to decorating the college, the Committee held its first fundraising event. To raise money, the Charity Committee had a ‘decorate your own cupcake’ stand where students could choose a cupcake to decorate, with Halloween inspired icing and sprinkles. The Committee successfully raised over £100. All cupcakes which were not sold or decorated, were then decorated by committee members and taken to a local care home.

This year’s Charity Committee includes Rohan, Trisha, Maddy, Victoria, Kaitlyn, Adina, Safy, Zayna and Noa.

By Kaitlyn Sellar-Elliott

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