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Capturing a moment of tension…

Posted: 12th May 2021

sculpture of a figure on floor made of material
My Sculptures are made from plaster, fabric and resin. They were made to be seen in an exhibition space where the viewer could observe them from all perspectives. I am interested in how sculptural materials can get close to representing a body. I hope the viewer can see the process of making in the finished pieces. For example, see the imprints of my hands on the plaster or see where the sculpture has broken and been repaired. Using a combination of malleable and resistant materials is important as I am interested in capturing a moment of tension when our emotions impact on our physical form. I focused on sculpture after going to Cathy Wilkes’ exhibition. Wilkes has said that her work “is to do with …. the impossibility of completely feeling what someone else feels.” I find this idea compelling as it echoes my own experience. By looking closely at the materials and then stepping back to a wider perspective I hope the viewer will reflect on the relationship between the figures.”
By Lola Wendon, student
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