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100% A*/A grades achieved in A level Computer Science

Posted: 17th August 2021

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The nine A level students studying Computer Science at Brampton College this year all achieved an amazing A*/A grade. Many of them are continuing to study Computing or Software Engineering at university.

Computer Science is a rapidly growing course, becoming incrementally important every year. As we live in a digital age, most industries rely on data and software programmes. Computer Science & IT impacts everything, from scientific research to health development, transport, banking, communications, you name it. Even objects like microwave ovens, fridges, or door locks are now connected to our Wi-Fi networks and personal assistants.

Technology has made the world better, faster, and more connected. But this didn’t happen by magic. We arrived here thanks to the brilliant minds of students continuing on to become Computer or IT graduates, who took their passion for technology and used it to create gadgets and computer programmes which help us every single day.

In our Computer Science department here at Brampton, we effectively used Cloud collaborative tools to minimise the impact of any national lockdown and to create a dialogue for feedback between teacher and students. We have a computer lab equipped with the latest computers which enhance students’ learning experience. We wish our students all the best as they take their next steps at university and we look forward to welcoming new students to both our A level and GCSE courses this September.

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