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Disappointing A level grades do not mean the end

Posted: 25th August 2021

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We meet so many students every year who have received disappointing A level grades and don’t achieve their first choice university place. This can be a huge shock and understandably upsetting, but it does NOT mean the end. At Brampton College, we have exceptional success at helping students retake their A levels and achieve the grades they need to secure a place at their first choice university.

Deena Al-Dubaisi, for example, left her previous sixth form college with ABB and no offers to study Dentistry.

Although retaking my A levels wasn’t in my original plans, I’m so happy I’ve had this year to retake Chemistry and Maths. The teachers were incredible – so helpful and understanding. I’ve never felt so supported! I finally understood my subjects properly which helped me reach my potential. I achieved an A in both subjects, two offers for Dentistry and a place at my top choice university, Cardiff.

The story is similar for Zoraya Aleyideino, who came to Brampton with BBB and left with A*A*A and a place at the University of Manchester to read Medicine.

It was clear to me that the teachers at Brampton were willing to go above and beyond to make sure we understood everything. Brampton provides you with all the tools you need to do well and to identify areas that need improvement. The weekly testing wad the key to me feeling as confident as I could be when walking into my final year exams.

There are so many more success stories from this year alone, such as: Louis Milner who improved his grades from BBC to A*AA and achieved a place at the University of Edinburgh to study Social Policy and Politics; Yasir Merali who transformed his grades from CCD to A*A*A and is off to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick; and Humza Shaikhali who improved his grades from BB to A*A* and will be reading Medicine at Queen Mary University of London.

We have great success in subjects such as Mathematics. This year we had 26 students retaking the subject and 12 achieved A*, 11 achieved A and 3 achieved B. 5 of these students came to us with a D and all left with A* or A.

One year A level from scratch

When students come to us to discuss a retake course, we take a lot of time to understand their personal circumstances and ambitions so we can build a programme tailored to their specific needs. Often students are demoralised by low grades in a specific subject or are looking for a change in direction so we may recommend they take up a new A level subject from scratch. We’ve had outstanding success with these students. For example, over the last three years, six students have taken up Sociology from scratch, all achieving an A* in a one year course.

Over the years Brampton College has seen hundreds of students retake their A levels and obtain places for highly competitive degree courses, transforming their future prospects and gaining a real sense of confidence. If you’d like to discuss a one year A level course, please contact Pam Glenville, our Admissions Secretary, on 020 8203 5025 or by email at

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