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“Brampton has met my expectations 1000%!”

Posted: 24th August 2022

students happy on results day

I’ve just got A*AA results! I’m doing a gap year then off to Birmingham to study Politics. I’m the fourth sibling to come to Brampton so I knew it was the most amazing college. My brother and sister achieved outstanding results and they recommended I came here. Brampton has met my expectations 1000%!

The one on ones, the small classes and your teachers’ personal attention certainly help. Plus all the mocks and regular tests really keep you on your toes revising and that’s what I needed, and pushed me, to get good grades. If you’re thinking about coming to Brampton College, don’t even think about it, just go! It’s amazing! To all my teachers, you really are the best people in the world, thank you.

Daniel Elek, student

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