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Because home is everything…

Posted: 19th January 2023

Home is Everything

Brampton has a longstanding history of helping a multitude of charities, from WWF to Greenpeace to Young Minds, which has inspired Brampton pupils to also take action of their own.

On the 14th of December 2022, the Brampton College Student Council hosted a festive bake sale to raise money for the charity Shelter. Students and staff walking past the hall around midday could buy a variety of sweet treats from our student-run bake sale table, of which all proceedings went towards helping to fight homelessness. The bake sale generated £73.55 from the cakes and other baked goods that were sold, with an additional £100 being given by the Brampton Charitable Trust. So, in total, we donated £173.55 to Shelter last year – an important charity that tackles significant social issues in Great Britain.

The charity Shelter was founded on the 1st of December in 1966 by Bruce Kenrick. Its primary goal is to contribute towards ending homelessness in the UK by providing people who have housing difficulties advice and practical assistance, as well as making campaigns for better investment in housing. They also advocate for laws and policies that the local authorities — or the government as a whole – can implement to improve the lives of people who may either be homeless or who endure poor and insufficient housing.

Shelter has an online donation feature, or over 100 shops across the UK (as well as an online store) that you can purchase clothes and hand-made items from if you are interested in contributing money to the cause.

We in the Student Council hope to continue raising more money and awareness in the future for Shelter and other such charities that will aid people in crisis. Whether this will be through bake sales or raffles, or through any other kind of means, we aspire to keep fighting to make positive changes in our world

By Katie Andrews, student

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