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“I’d definitely recommend Film Studies!”

Posted: 25th January 2023

It wasn’t until I began the subject that I understood what really goes into the making of a good film. So far, A level Film Studies has given me a deeper knowledge of older and modern films, whilst also giving me new ways to appreciate my own personal favourites even more. One thing that really surprised me was that I didn’t realise how many aspects of Film Studies involve other subjects, like History, English, Psychology Photography, Sociology, and Art. The reverse is true – many of the things I’ve learnt in Film Studies can be applied to my other subjects too. Outside the classroom, we were given the opportunity to visit the British Film Institute. It was a great day out that deepened our knowledge of the historical movements that shaped the films we are studying.

I’d definitely recommend Film Studies. It encourages you to look beyond what’s on the screen, allowing you to delve into the deeper meaning behind each film and the societies that made them. And by being surrounded by people who are similarly enthusiastic, this is all I could’ve asked for in a subject!

By Sammy Myers, student

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