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A Level Results Day

Poetry Reading by Martyn Crucefix

28th May 13

Elaine Feinstein Martyn Crucefix Timothy Adès presenting translations of ~ Marina Tsvetaeva ~ R M Rilke ~ Victor Hugo ~ Thursday 30 May at 7pm at Waterstones 68 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 Entry £6 (£4 with Waterstones Card) ~...

Non-realism, ‘The Sea of Faith’

27th May 13

Philosophy & Ethics students will be familiar with the notion of non-realism. Based on the ideas of the later Ludwig Wittgenstein, non-realism was further developed by the Cambridge philosophical theologian, Don Cupitt. In the early 1980s, Cupitt founded a movement...

Charity Run by A2 Student

21st May 13

Niraj, one of our A2 students has battled through bad health over the past couple of years and has decided to challenge himself by running a 10Km charity run. ‘I suffered from a stroke in my last academic year due...

State school pupils facing A-level cap

12th May 13 This is a backward step and will limit the curriculum. Each student has different needs and the breadth in the curriculum will suffer due to this change. Many of our students enjoy the flexibility of choosing 4 AS subjects...

A2 Politics Students- Discomfort of Strangers, David Goodhart

26th March 13

This article was written as far back as 2004, and first published in The Guardian. Ever since, it has provoked a great deal of sometimes impassioned discussion among those who teach Multiculturalism as part of the Politics A2 course. The...

Chemist of the Month

24th March 13

Nominations this month included: AS – Abby De Souza and Amina Saleem A2 – Samira Virani and Anna Cai A1 – Zainab Sumar Anna Cai was awarded Chemist of the Month for her consistent hard work, enthusiasm for the subject...

Good News for Graduates

24th March 13

Good news for graduates. Whilst it is true some graduates are finding it difficult to get a job once they do they are being well rewarded . Even those working in “lower skilled” jobs at the end of 2011 had...

E Safety

20th March 13

The college uses many different types of technology to enhance learning. We want to ensure students get the most from it, by encouraging responsible online behaviour. We want our students to make informed decisions about • keeping personal information private...

A budget to excite a micro-economist?

19th March 13

Well, today was Budget Day. I don’t normally get worked up about this anymore as I’ve lived through so many. But we certainly live in interesting times as Chancellor George Osborne attempts to avoid the “triple dip”. Because little else...

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