Charity of the Year

Charity of the Year

With all the gloom and difficulty surrounding us during this Covid crisis, staff and students at Brampton College are trying to focus their energy on positive action. It’s certainly a time when kindness and giving is needed more than ever.


We are proud to announce our on-going partnership with the WWF and the college’s nomination to name them as our ‘Charity of the Year 2021’, specifically to raise funds to protect the endangered African elephant. Barmpton’s Charitable Trust has recently made a donation to the WWF, including £2,000 towards their adopt an elephant fund. Students will raise money throughout the rest of the academic year with various fundraising activities planned and we will match all donations made by parents, students and staff.

The funds raised will –

  • protect habitats and restore degraded biological corridors
  • train and equip anti-poaching patrols
  • help work with local communities to monitor elephant movement and reduce human-elephant conflict


If you would be interested in supporting the WWF’s endeavours to ensure these magnificent animals escape extinction, we would be most grateful. Here is a link to our Just Giving page:


In addition, we are also supporting the WWF’s Land for Life Appeal and we have recently donated £5,000 from our Charitable Trust to the cause. The appeal is raising urgent funds to support the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania, as well as the precious wildlife that shares their home. You can find out more here.


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