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GCSE Results

In addition to the A level courses we run at Brampton College, there is a small, but successful group of one year GCSE students. The intake includes those transferring to Brampton College from other schools, overseas students wishing to complete their GCSEs in one year and integrate into the English education system, as well as some students re-taking their GCSEs.

GCSE Results 2016

Our GCSE results this year were our best ever. This is a stark contrast to a year which has seen the worst national GCSE results for almost 10 years, with the number of pupils obtaining at C grade or above falling to its lowest.

  • 30% A* (National average 6.5%)
  • 62% A*/A (20.5% national average)
  • 86% A*-B (41.9% national average)
  • The College excelled in subjects such as Geography and Art which had 100% A*/A grades and English Literature which had 100% A*-B grades.

    “We’re overwhelmed and hugely relieved. What you guys have done here is genuinely incredible. Pippa has always been disciplined, but Brampton has given her a huge amount of confidence in her academic ability. She never thought she was academically bright until she came here. Pippa’s experience at Brampton has been so helpful because of how focused her time here is. The students have very good relationships with teachers, and because of small classes, the students are each completely visible – teachers always know what you’re doing. The small classes at Brampton are a stand out trait. Pippa has been inspired here, and furthermore they’re treated like adults. And as a parent, you get so much feedback! Two years ago, we thought she would be lucky to get a B in maths – the college has opened her mind. If someone was considering coming to Brampton, we’d say don’t hesitate, just do it!”

Pippa Hussain’s parents are ‘overwhelmed and relieved’ with Pippa’s incredible result of 7A*’s.