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Students hit the slopes in Italy!

Posted: 13th March 2024

students on the ski slopes

During February half term, 17 students along with Nick Webb (Bursar) and Lindsay Jacobs (Assistant Vice Principal) visited Santa Caterina in Italy for a week of skiing. Elisa G tells us about the experience:

Skiing in Italy was truly an experience like no other. During our trip we progressed on the slopes with the help of our fantastic ski teachers who guided us through our skiing adventure. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, you will enjoy yourself regardless. Our days were filled with exhilarating runs down the slopes as we embraced the thrill of skiing. From mastering the technique of parallel turns to conquering challenging trails, each moment was a testament to determination and skill. We ended our trip with a competition which really showcased our improvement over the week. We were also treated to a culinary journey through Italy’s rich traditions, from pizzas and pasta dishes to decadent desserts.

We embraced the thrill of other winter activities, from the game of curling to the sensation of sledding down snowy hillsides, as well as enjoying the hot springs. Amidst the snowy landscapes and cosy evenings, we created great friendships, from shared laughter on the slopes to heartfelt conversations on the cable cars, we formed connections that will last a lifetime.

Our whole group had the most extraordinary time, and we can’t thank Nick and Lindsay enough for looking after us all. Italy 2024 created the best memories and I truly wish I could do it all over again!

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