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Students hit the slopes in Italy!

13th March 2024

During February half term, 17 students along with Nick Webb (Bursar) and Lindsay Jacobs (Assistant Vice Principal) visited Santa Caterina in Italy for a week of skiing. Elisa G tells…

Design London Challenge

21st February 2024

We were lucky to have Ellen Salter, a Sustainability Director at the company ThinkBeyond, joining a meeting with a group of students competing in the Design London Challenge. Ellen has…

Acing your exams

21st February 2024

Elevate Education (EE) came to speak to AS students for their third instalment of study advice. This session was titled “Acing Your Exams”. The speakers started by talking about marginal…

Hamilton theatre trip

21st February 2024

The Politics Department organised a visit to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see Hamilton before half term. Twenty students across years 11 – 13 attended the performance and all were…

January’s Photographer of the month!

21st February 2024

Congratulations to Shayna who was the January photographer of the month with her amazing photograph titled “Lady entering her home” which Shayna took in December 2023 while visiting Gujarat, India.

Art and neuroscience – A book review of “Story of the brain in 10 1/2 Cells” by Richard Wingate 

11th January 2024

The Story of the Brain in 10½ Cells’ is a book written by Richard Wingate, published in 2023. Wingate is a  Professor of Developmental Neurobiology at King’s College London. He…

English students become young thespians!

11th January 2024

A2 English Literature students took part in a bespoke workshop on ‘Hamlet’ led by Sarah Finch. ‘Hamlet’ is our set text and this was an opportunity to take the words…

“There is hope”: students feel proactive and passionate following talks about climate change

14th December 2023

Last week, we released the first of our new series on Climate Change, that we hope to continue over the coming months. In this article, I will cover just one…

Simple study tips!

14th December 2023

In his bestselling book, Why We Sleep, Dr Matthew Walker, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, writes: “There is a 40 per cent deficit in the…

A level Geographers busy on field trips

7th December 2023

GCSE Geographers embarked on a trip to Southend on 6th November to investigate coastal management and collect data on the impact of groynes at this location. A cold but bright…