A Level Results Day

How the People Change the Designer

13th December 22

“Fashion bros” are a lot of things. Misogynistic, slightly delusional, and if you meet the right ones, actually fashionable. They’re also influential. And they will continue to have a say in which brands get propelled to the centre. But how...

Thank you for helping our daughter achieve her best

7th December 22

My daughter is a very clever girl, diligent and bright. However, she didn’t get great grades in her mock GCSEs and then the pandemic disrupted her studies even further. She stopped working and became disengaged. Nonetheless, she started her A...

System Change, not Climate Change

Brampton College to chair a panel interview with environmental charities

24th November 22

“Only 3% of total philanthropic giving goes to environmental causes”; Perhaps an unexpected figure given the widespread acknowledgement that we are in a climate crisis. With urgent calls for action and grandstanding statements being made right now at Cop27, this...

3 Richest Men

Are You Going To Be Rich?

24th November 22

Have you ever wondered if success is in your future? If you’re like me, then you’ve thought about what the future has in store for you more than once — will you rise above your station, or live an average...

Person taking a photo of the stairs

Venice Street Photography

22nd November 22

I am really glad that I got a chance to go to the Venice Biennale with the college. We had a wonderful time there and I learnt a lot from the mind-blowing exhibitions. Venice is such a dreamy and photogenic...

A woman cuts her hair in protest

Women, Life, Freedom — زن زندگی آزادی

17th November 22

‘To put yourself in someone else’s shoes.’ As silly as this may sound, the shoes I always envisioned in this saying were Dorothy’s iconic shining red heels. In the past months, these ruby slippers have been replaced by ordinary trainers,...

students in a group together in Venice

Inspired in Venice

16th November 22

The Venice trip always provides a fantastic experience for both staff and students. The combination of seeing the Biennale against the stunning backdrop of Venice is magical. The Biennale is a split site visual arts festival where each country choses...

2 girls taking a selfie together

Top Cardiologist reminisces about the college being “one of the best experiences of my life”

12th October 22

I am Seema Elkhider from Sudan. We moved to the UK when I was 14 as the education system in Sudan had changed drastically and my parents wanted to ensure we received a good education. I completed my GCSEs in...

students with their results

Brampton has shown me I can achieve whatever I put my mind to!

25th August 22

I got 3 A*s!!! I’m in shock still, I wasn’t expecting this. I came here lacking confidence – I was quite average at my old school. I came to Brampton and I told myself I was going to work really...

boys holding their exam results

“I’ve improved my grade from a C to an A”

24th August 22

I’ve got my first choice place at Bristol to study Accounting and Finance. I came here to retake Chemistry and improved my grade from a C to an A. Brampton has supported me so much, they gave us so much...

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