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Marriage Proposal is Top of the Class

Posted: 7th December 2010

Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal 1Last Friday, family, friends and school staff at Brampton College helped Nishan Selvamanoharan, 28, surprise his girlfriend Sheena Popat, also 28. The couple have been going out since meeting at the college in 2000, where they both studied Economics.

Marriage Proposal 2

Wanting to take Sheena by surprise, Nishan picked her up at the investment management company in Holborn where she works. He then blindfolded her as his best man-to-be dressed up as a chauffeur and drove the couple to the college.

With her eyes covered, Sheena was guided up the stairs and into their old Economics classroom. Once inside the classroom, Nishan told Sheena, who he nicknames Batty, to take off the blindfold before popping a balloon filled with confetti over her head. Turning her round, Sheena read the words “Batty will you marry me?” in red and white roses petals, made by Nishan’s cousins who are both florists. Getting down on one knee, Nishan asked Sheena to marry him and she replied “Of course I will”.

Marriage Proposal 3Bernard Canetti, founder and Principal of the college since 1989, said: “I thought it was a really stylish and unusual way for Nishan to propose. Not everyone has good memories of school or college so for them to come back here for something so special is really nice”.

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