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Scholarship student fulfils her dream of studying at Oxford

14th March 2024

My name is Eliana, and I studied GCSEs and A levels at Brampton from 2019 to2022. I achieved grades 999999999 in my GCSEs and A*A*A* in my A-levels and I…

Put your ‘self’ back into ‘self-care’

14th March 2024

Self-care is a phrase you’ve definitely heard more than once; if not from your own mouth, then from a family member or a friend. In other words, self-care is becoming…

Top Cardiologist reminisces about the college being “one of the best experiences of my life”

12th October 2022

I am Seema Elkhider from Sudan. We moved to the UK when I was 14 as the education system in Sudan had changed drastically and my parents wanted to ensure…

Re-Sitting Your A Levels

13th August 2019

Results day has finally arrived. It may appear from friends and social media that everyone has secured the grades they wanted. This can make it incredibly tough if you haven’t…

What Careers Can an Art A Level Lead to?

28th May 2019

Having an A level in a creative subject is an essential starting point for students who wish to follow an art and design career path, but also hugely valuable for those…

Choosing A Levels

20th May 2019

The A level subjects you choose will help shape your degree choices for university so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. There are a variety of things to consider…

5 Time Management Tips for Students

15th March 2019

Managing your time well is an essential skill in successful study. Most students have busy lives and from time to time, everyone suffers from a lack of motivation. These factors…

Top 10 Revision Tips & Tricks for Students

6th March 2019

After many months of lessons and homework, it’s finally time to start revising for your exams. This is a tough time for students, which is why we’ve put together 10…

What Are the Best A levels to Take to Study Medicine?

20th February 2019

Has it always been your dream is to study Medicine at university and become a Doctor? If so, it’s likely that you have a strong interest in science related subjects….

Relax or Revise During the Holidays?

13th February 2019

Finding the right balance between work and play can be a real struggle for some students, especially over the holiday period. Half-term is a time to relax and have fun,…