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5 Time Management Tips for Students

15th March 2019

Managing your time well is an essential skill in successful study. Most students have busy lives and from time to time, everyone suffers from a lack of motivation. These factors…

Top 10 Revision Tips & Tricks for Students

6th March 2019

After many months of lessons and homework, it’s finally time to start revising for your exams. This is a tough time for students, which is why we’ve put together 10…

What Are the Best A levels to Take to Study Medicine?

20th February 2019

Has it always been your dream is to study Medicine at university and become a Doctor? If so, it’s likely that you have a strong interest in science related subjects….

Relax or Revise During the Holidays?

13th February 2019

Finding the right balance between work and play can be a real struggle for some students, especially over the holiday period. Half-term is a time to relax and have fun,…

How to Get Organised for College

6th February 2019

Good organisational skills are vital for study. Organisation comes naturally to many people, but for others it takes a little more time and effort. It’s nothing that some new routines…

What Careers Can a Language A Level Lead to?

25th January 2019

All languages have their place on the world map. At Brampton College we teach French, German, Italian and Spanish, but encourage our many international students to value their mother tongue…

Building student confidence is key. The rest is academic.

18th August 2016

Students at Brampton College received fantastic A level results once again on Thursday with the vast majority receiving a place at their preferred university choice. Whilst obtaining a place at…

Transforming student grades

18th August 2016

Transforming student grades is down to close monitoring says London’s top Independent Sixth Form College Students at Brampton College received fantastic A level results once again yesterday with the vast…

Tutors become part of the app culture

12th June 2016

Last week the BBC published an article about online tuition – BBC Article This is the response from Joy Mason, Vice Principal. ‘There is no doubt that having access to a…

Students prepare for study leave and exams

9th May 2016

Students have been collecting their leaver’s hoodies and a few have modeled them for us as they spend their last few days in lessons before the main examination period begins….