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Well done to all our GCSE students

Posted: 17th June 2013

The GCSE course at Brampton, unlike that in most schools, is a very intensive one-year programme. We are extremely proud of our GCSE students this year, who have all completed the course successfully. From the collection of callow 15 year-olds nervous about their new environment we saw in September, they have become a confident group of friends who have battled against the challenges of the year, gaining the confidence and skills that will be useful in their future studies.

In an award ceremony today, Susan Tait, Head of GCSE and Mike Wheeldon, Vice Principal handed out certificates and prizes to recognise their hard work and diligence throughout the course. Marks were given for punctuality, completion of work and effort, and a special mention goes to Amir and Kianu for gaining much-coveted Gold Awards.

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