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Is testing Useful?

Posted: 11th August 2014

There has been a lot written about the role of examinations and how they are used. Indeed, if this was all we concentrated on then the learning experience would be less positive than it should be. There is a need to develop creativity and freedom to follow interests of a regulated curriculum. However, over the years many schools have stopped testing students regularly and this has meant learning has stayed shallow, here today and gone tomorrow. Interesting research from York science suggests that they have evidence that testing does not merely measure learning but contributes to the process of learning, with repeated testing enhancing learning.

York Science Research

This is why teachers at Brampton College, as well as sharing their enthusiasm for the subject and giving the opportunity to develop individual interests, will also ask their students to revise for the regular tests that are used to reinforce learning. It is good practice that regular assessment for learning takes place in the classroom. We firmly believe in formative assessment that allows students to understand what they need to do to improve. Each year we see our students do this and see them grow in confidence. Small classes, individual tutorial help, encouragement to use the resources of the Universities on our doorstep to explore subjects at a deeper level leave our students ready for university study. It is this mixture of support and encouragement to explore the subject at a deeper level that help our students do well. If you know someone who would benefit from our help why not encourage them to contact Brampton College? We will do our best to help them.
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