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A2 Student Awards

Posted: 12th March 2015

Yesterday, we were delighted to recognise the achievements of Brampton students at an assembly attended by most of our A2 students.
Twelve Brampton students entered the British Biology Olympiad and we are thrilled that they have done so well. Congratulations to all our students who bravely put themselves forward to take part in this extremely challenging test of biological knowledge, beyond the A-Level syllabus. In particular, well done to Riya Adamjee who achieved a gold medal and Lucas Cheng, Sneha Shah and Ricky Savva who won a Silver Medal and Jet Sivasubramaniam, Emma Fraser, Priya Pattani, who achieved Bronze Medals. Suraj Dodhia and Rachel Shamtoob achieved Highly Commended certificates and Ruth Mohanadasan was commended for her efforts. These are the best set of results Brampton students have achieved!
Brampton awards were also given to students for consistent performance and focus in their A level courses for English, Sociology, Psychology, Chemistry and Physics.
Well done to all our students!

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