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Planning for Exams

Posted: 16th March 2015

Bernard Canetti, the Principal, spoke to our AS students today to make sure that they understood the importance of their AS examinations. He spoke to them of the need for clear, realistic revision plans and the importance of producing nothing less than their best. He explained many universities currently offer places using students’ AS-level results and that they could be the deciding factor in getting into the university of their choice.
The mock examinations for students at Brampton College are due to begin on Monday 13th April and will run until Friday 17th April 2015. This is a very important time for all as mock examinations test the quality of each student’s organisation, timing and understanding of the demands of a variety of subjects and examination papers.
It is also very important that they use the mock exams to prepare for the reality of a very busy final examination period in the summer term. We are very keen to ensure that students have access to the best possible advice and support. Students have already been well prepared by their subject teachers and it is very important that they continue to seek clarification and guidance in class. There are also some very helpful revision materials on the college VLE for the students to use.

Students need to put their heart and soul into all their work and Bernard, along with all the teachers at Brampton College, will give all the support required and we look forward to another excellent set of results this summer!

A Level Exam Results

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