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UCAS dates for summer 2016

Posted: 4th May 2016


Completed CF and CI choices

Since coming back from the Easter break in mid-April, the careers department at Brampton College has been busy encouraging all the A2 and A1 students to reply to their university offers. Happily all of our A2 and A1 students with a 4th May deadline have made their CF and CI choices in UCAS TRACK.

June 8th UCAS deadline for a few A2 and A1 students

There are a few remaining students, who because they waited to receive all their offers after 31st March, have now got until 8th June to respond in UCAS TRACK. We encourage these students to respond to their CF and CI choices as soon as possible. Once decisions have been made, the students can then continue with their studies without the distraction of wondering what their CF and CI choices should be.

Remaining Key dates for UCAS for Brampton Students

23rd June: Late reply to university offers. This is only for students who have to wait to receive all their university offers by 8th June. They have until 23rd June to reply through UCAS TRACK
5th July: Clearing opens. All clearing vacancies will be displayed on the UCAS search tool for 2016 entry.
18th August: A level results day. Brampton College students come in to collect their results which are available from 8.30am – Careers Advisers available to help with clearing/adjustment
19th August: Brampton College open – Careers Advisers available to help with clearing/adjustment
22nd August: Brampton College open – Careers Advisers available to help with clearing/adjustment
31st August: Adjustment ends. Any students who have exceeded their predicted grades are able to look for another university course though adjustment.


Clearing opens earlier than usual this year on 6th July. This means that students can start looking for other courses that they like the look of, should they miss their CF and CI grades.
Brampton College recommends that any such students should take note of their preferred clearing choices, should they need them to hand on results day.
It is highly likely that some students will be approached during clearing, by universities wishing to fill their remaining places. We strongly advise that students come in to Brampton College and seek advice from careers staff, before accepting a place that they may not have researched fully.


If a student has exceeded their predicted grades, they are entitled to spend 5 x 24 hour periods including weekends to find an alternative, more competitive course. For example, if a student is predicted AAB, but achieves AAA or higher, they can call up universities for courses that demand AAA entry requirements. It is up to the universities to decide whether they have a place for the student on the course they are interested in. We recommend that these students hold on to their original CF choice, before securing a place through Adjustment.
All the above information can be found, for: Key dates, clearing, and adjustment.
We wish the students all the best with their revision and exams, and expect that the majority of them will be rewarded with a place at their university of choice.
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