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Alumni Update on Samir Mehta

Posted: 6th July 2016

This week, the parents of a past student, Samir Mehta, dropped into the college to say hello and share the latest news. Samir studied here in 2006 and achieved AAA and the highest Chemistry A level mark in the country for that year (599/600). After studying Medicine and becoming a doctor, he completed his Masters degree at Imperial College in 2015. He’s now a surgeon at Cardiff Heath Hospital, and qualifying at 27 years old makes him one of the youngest surgeons in the UK. His aspirations are to specialise in neurosurgery.

Samir Mehta

His parents, Kirti and Krishna Mehta were brimming with pride. “Brampton played a hugely significant role in Samir’s life, he turned into a man here. The teachers’ support was amazing. They were so approachable and the one-to one element and small class size really helped nurtured his confidence. The College has such a friendly atmosphere, which made him feel so comfortable and reassured. Ultimately, they helped him achieve his goal – to become a surgeon. We’re so incredibly proud of his achievements and would like to thank Brampton for the large part they’ve played in his success. His wish, and ours too, is that his children (our grandchildren!) will come to Brampton one day!”

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