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Enrichment Programme

Posted: 13th December 2017

Our Enrichment programme works alongside the academic provisions of the College, to provide students with a well-rounded Brampton experience.

Read about some of the enrichment options students at Brampton have enjoyed this term.

Young Enterprise

This year the College introduced the Young Enterprise programme. It has proved incredibly popular, with three different Young Enterprise teams. A huge thanks to our three business advisors, who are all parent volunteers; Philip Sterman advises ‘Chromium,’ Ean Brown advises ‘Ripple+’ and Palvi Mahajan advises ‘8eam.’ Our advisors have all been fantastic, giving up over an hour of their time every week, and inspiring the teams, so thank you very much.

And now, onto the teams!

Chromium: We are a team of young entrepreneurs who create locally sourced and unique slime. Whether it be concentration or the relief of stress, our “can ‘o’ slime” is useful, helpful and most importantly, enjoyable. It has been an eye-opening journey for us so far. As a team, you have to take into consideration lots of factors which affect your product and branding, as well as keep on track with the fundamental stages of creating a brand from scratch. Our aim is to create various kinds of slime. We would love for you to keep up with our progress and get involved by following out Facebook page @teamchromium and our Instagram @canoslimelondon.

Ripple+: We are Ripple+ and we are dedicated to improving our own futures and the future of our nation. We want to positively improve the health and wellbeing of our community through the reduction in sugar consumption and to pass on this goal to all communities in the UK. This includes, but is not limited to, the goal of selling our reusable metal drinking bottles to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

8eam: Our product is a book about understanding teenagers and parents, written by teenagers. It will look at common issues such as privacy, relationships and technology. The book title is ‘Parents vs. Teens: Connecting the Generation Gap.’ While it’s a challenge to develop our ideas, we find the meetings extremely fun and enjoyable.

Debating Society

Over the year so far we have conquered a variety of subjects – from whether politicians should use social media, to whether Brampton should own a Christmas tree (…the vote was very much in favour). We have learnt how to argue against our own opinions, how to structure strong arguments, and how to act when we disagree with a fiery passion but want to keep the debate civil. Even if some debates have occasionally ended up with people pointing fingers and yelling across the table it has been an enriching and enjoyable addition to college life.

Chloe Spinks

Charity Committee

I currently volunteer for a charity called Willow. I put forward this charity as our school charity as I think that it is a perfect opportunity to raise money to give more special days to young adults aged 14-16 to be able for them enjoy and do what they want for a day. We have done many fundraising activities, such as a onesie day (which was my highlight) and bake sales, and we are currently selling candy canes. I am looking forward to raising as much money as possible for this charity. I am especially looking forward to our bowling charity event and our film screening too!

Kelly Chung

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